Jazz up your iPhone/iPod cord!

Most people these days have a mobile phone and with every chargeable device of course, comes with a charger. This makes it extremely easy for charger chaos to take place—the chance of mixing them up with your friends and family are very high. It’s time to say goodbye to your boring old white cord and let your creativity flow by making your phone charger truly unique! Why wouldn’t you want to jazz up an object that you use daily? Check out these tips for an easy and purposeful project that will make your friends envious.

Method One Finished

1. The first method I’ve came across uses glitter to add some sparkle to your charger. You will need:

Method One Materials

  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glitter (you can use any colour, I like to try and match my iPhone case)
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Clear Tape

First, put tape on the metal prongs of your charger for protection. Paint Mod Podge onto the area you would like to decorate. Then, shake glitter over the glued area. Set to dry and repeat until the area is fully covered. Seal it with clear nail polish, and you’re done! Don’t try this method on the whole chord—the constant movement of your chord will eventually cause the glitter to crack off.

Method Two B Method Two A

2. The second method I’ve found is super cute and all you need are adhesive rhinestones! Simply grab some from your local craft store and stick them on your charging block. You can stick with one colour or create a cool design. Try topping off your fabulous glitter charger from method one with rhinestones for a chic and stylish look.

Method Three

3. The third method I’ve found requires embroidery string or yarn. Start by tying a double knot at one end of your charging cord and begin wrapping the string tightly around the cable. After you have reached the desired length of the first colour finish with a knot. Use the same technique for the second colour. Repeat these steps with different colours until you get to the end. Why stop there? You can wrap up your white headphones too!














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