10 Ways to rock that old T-shirt

Every girl has an overflowing drawer of old T-shirts that never see the light of day (until laundry day of course). These extra-large shirts from promotional events or your dads closet become victims of spring-cleaning and wardrobe overhauls. It’s time to take action by revamping the shirts that you have been sentimentally hording over the years. Use these techniques to transform any old shirt into something that is funky, unique and 100% you!
Tip: When using scissors make sure you cut neatly and straight (unless you are going for a grunge look). Try practicing on a different t-shirt or piece of fabric first. After a couple washes, the edges should stretch out and look cleaner.
Tip: If you know how to sew, hemming in the sides is a great way to clean up the seams.
Tip: Put a piece of cardboard into your shirt to keep it flat and unruffled.

The Flowy T

Put on your t-shirt as you usually would and slightly tuck it in at the back and front. Lightly pull the material out and over so it drapes over your hips. Try rolling up the sleeves for an edgy tomboy look. Rock it with a thick belt and your favorite pair of jeans.

The Strapless Dress or One Strap Dress

If your shirt is long enough you can create a cute dress. Pull your arms through the neck so your t-shirt looks like a tube top. Tie the sleeves behind your back or tuck them in and grab a high wasted belt. You can mix up this look by only pulling one arm through the neck, creating a one-shoulder dress.

The Bubble Skirt

Stretch out the neckline so it can slide down to your waist. Tuck in the sleeves to create ‘pockets’. Grab the bottom part of your t-shirt, pull it up to your waist and tuck it into the neckline. Tuck the excess fabric at the sides into your pockets. Secure the look with safety pins

Boat Neck

Cut the neck line off of your t-shirt to create a wider boat neck top. You can adjust this look to suit your style; cut it super wide so both shoulders are showing, or cut it to one side so only one shoulder pops out. Try cutting a slit into the bottom of your shirt and tying each side together in a knot to pull in the extra material around your waist.

The Boy Inspired Muscle Tank

This is a pretty simple solution. For a stylish longer length tank top cut the sleeves and the neckline off. You can cut right along the seam or deeper into the sides for a more revealing look. If you decide to cut all the way down to the bottom of your shirt, tie it in a knot to hold it together. Rock this summer look at the beach with a cute bando or bathing suit.

The Racer Back Tank

Cut your t-shirt into a boy tank (see above). Cut a strip of fabric out of left over material.  Grab the straps and tie them together at the back, using the strip of fabric to fasten it together. Adjust it so it sits comfortably behind your neck. Try accessorizing with a thick, high wasted belt.

The Fitted Tank

Cut your t-shirt into a boy tank (see above). Cut along the seam on each side of the shirt from the bottom to the armhole. Cut slits into each side, length wise, creating a fringe. Put on the shirt and tie in each fringe so the shirt fits nicely along your sides.

Bow Back

Cut 4 strips lengthwise along the back of your shirt. Cut 4 strips of fabric out of left over material. Pull in each piece and tie it, making diamond shaped holes in the back of your shirt. This trendy style looks awesome with a different coloured tank underneath.

Fringe T

Begin by cutting thin strips from the bottom of your shirt towards the top. It’s up to you if you would like to cut longer strips (creating a crop top) or shorter strips. Twist and pull on each fringe so they are loose. You can either rock your new fringe shirt as is or braid, bow or knot each piece together. Customize this look by adding colourful beads on the end of each fringe.

Heart Back

Cut along the seams to remove the sleeves from your shirt. Use cardboard to create a heart that is the perfect size for the back of your T. Trace the shape onto your shirt using chalk. Carefully cut along the lines leaving a heart shaped hole. Although we love the heart look, don’t be afraid to get creative and create any shape you’d like.


Pictures for each look: 

Boat Neck


Boy Tank:


Racer Tank:


The Fitted Tank:














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