Why I Created Style Collective

A message from Kait:

We are used to seeing a specific image. Girls are constantly held up to an unfair standard, something unattainable, unachievable. It’s the age old complaint of the beauty industry, of normal girls everywhere, of feminists and realists. But it seems that as much as we complain about it, the industry stays the same, this picture of the perfect girl never changes. Perfect hair and perfectly ironed clothes. Is there anyone out there that can manage to go a full day without having a wrinkle in their skirt or a stray hair pop out of place? The women I look up to, the women I think are beautiful are the girls that have their own unique way of putting an outfit together, who embrace their crazy curls, who embrace the wrinkles in their skirts. These women are confident, they use their clothes, their makeup to show who they are, not hide it. They have bad days, they have really good days, they give the best advice to their friends, but can’t seem to get it quite right when it comes to their own lives. They make mistakes, they spill ketchup on their white blouses and accidentally rip their favourite jeans. These are the woman we should look up to. The confident women embracing each day in their own unique way. The women who have mastered the art of being themselves.

We want to create a place for these women to exist, not just on a platform, not just on YouTube or a website, but in our everyday lives. A place where you can find these women, that you can relate to, that you can admire for all the right reasons, and who will give you advice, tips and the knowledge you need to combat each day in your own way. A place that girls can turn to, to find real style and beauty advice. A place that doesn’t make them second guess their choices, a place that makes them feel like they can pull off anything they want, that they should embrace their pale skin and their unruly laugh. It’s about creating a place that will help girls embrace who they are, from their personality to every feature that makes them unique.





The Style Collective is about real beauty. It's the surprising tips you get from your roommate, wisdom from a grandmother, it’s about that perfect...