What To Say Goodbye To In 2015

There is so much pressure when it comes to the New Year; everyone wants to make unrealistic resolutions and stick to them. So, instead of resolutions, I’ve decided to pick certain habits that I want to outgrow for 2015 – Yes, I know it’s kind of the same thing, but it’s just a new way of looking at it. Instead of starting to do something, we’re stopping the unhealthy things. For 2015, we’re going to say goodbye to…

Overdoing it on coffee. Everyone who works or goes to school knows what I mean by this. When there’s a coffee shop in your building, or free coffee in your office, we’re so tempted to keep re-filling our mug! Not only is having too much caffeine bad for you, it also means that we aren’t drinking water, which is very important. So, one cup of coffee in the morning should be enough for all of us!

Eating at restaurants too often. Whether it’s picking up food during your lunch break or going out for dinner with friends after work, it all adds up in both money and calories. You don’t realize how $10-$20 a few times per week adds up. Additionally, the calories and fat content in restaurant food is much higher than the food we make at home (if you’re cooking with healthy ingredients, of course).

Caring about “likes.” In 2014, everyone on Instagram and Facebook became absolutely obsessed with likes! It became so crazy that people were actually spending money on followers in order to show off their account. These social media accounts are taking over our lives and this year we should put an end to this. Stop caring!

Endless Netflix marathons. No, I am not saying to stop watching Netflix. However, I think that watching a full season of a show in one sitting is a little unhealthy. Save those days for when you’re home sick or need a rest day. Instead of coming home from school or work to stare at a screen, hang out with a few friends, go to the gym, or make a meal for you and your family. Sitting at your computer all night is not healthy.

Spending money on clothes we don’t need. I go through my closet a couple of times a year and think to myself “why on earth did I buy this?” I never want to see a shirt in my closet that I haven’t worn ever again. Think about all the clothes you wore once (or never), and how much money you could have saved if you hadn’t purchased them. My new mentality is  to only buy things that I could see myself wearing at least once every two weeks.

Staying at the job you hate. If you are constantly complaining about your job, why are you still there? Yes, there’s the whole “I made a commitment” thing, but if you’re truly sad and depressed to wake up every morning and do what you do, then find something new! 2015 is the year of YOU. Don’t be upset every day, there are hundreds of jobs out there that you could be doing.

Happy New Year everyone!





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