Tips For A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Look

New Year’s Eve: the night to send off a year past and ring in a brand new one! For those of you hitting the town or your friend’s party, NYE also means getting dressed up and staying out late. Parties with friends are always great, but the age-old question lingers – what to wear?

Check out these tips for a rockin’ NYE look!

Wear warm clothes!
While this may not be the case for all of you (although it sure is for us here at Style Collective), chances are when you head out of the door to send off 2013 it is going to be COLD. Heck, it was probably already cold hours before, but it’s sure not going to get any warmer. So what should you do? Wear warm clothing. That little dress may look cute at first, but when you’re out in the cold shivering like a Chihuahua, you’re going to wish you had worn something else.

Warm doesn’t have to mean un-sexy. Layers are key to a great outfit and a comfortable night. Light sweaters, long coats, scarves and hats are all pieces that can easily come off and be dropped off in the coat check (or tossed in the spare bedroom) but provide enough warmth to keep you from freezing outside. Tights keep your legs warm, while being an outfit staple.

New Year’s Eve is a celebration, and nothing says celebrate like confetti, and what’s the closest thing we have in modern cosmetics to confetti? You guessed it, glitter. Incorporate it into your outfit in small amounts with glitter nail polish, glitter eye makeup, or sparkly accessories. Or go all out and wear every piece of sparkly, glittery clothing and makeup you own. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Whatever You Do Be Safe
We all know that NYE is a time for fun, friends, and an all night party, but just remember to be safe! Stay with friends, keep warm, have your cell phone charged, and remember, if you drink, don’t drive!

Watch Kait’s video on “How To Survive New Year’s Parties” to see more tips and tricks for an awesome night!

And finally, wishes for a safe and happy new year from the gals here at Style Collective!





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