New Year, New Skin

I have never consciously made New Year’s resolutions, as a previous version of myself was generally cynical when it came to things like personal change, and knew the likelihood of keeping any promises of self-growth were very slim. So I figured, ‘Why even bother trying?’

Come 2014, though, I’ve changed my tune, and made one. As this is my first year with New Year’s resolution, I thought I’d go easy on myself and make only one: Take better care of my skin.

It struck me about a year ago that as I grow older, the parts of my body that I often take for granted are growing older too. The days of an effortlessly youthful glow are becoming a thing of the past, and as I can never replace my skin, I need to start taking better care of it. Your skin goes through so much, and the signs of these stresses can stay for the rest of your life. So in order to prevent Future Me from being very angry at Present Me, I thought I’d make a conscious effort to care of my lovely epidermis.

While my resolution is modest, I know that re-learning this area of my life will be difficult, so here’s my advice to myself (and to you) on how to make this resolution a reality!

1) Drink more water
Your body is made of cells and those cells are made up of water, so staying hydrated keeps your body healthy and functioning properly. Without drinking enough water your skin becomes dry, and dry skin is less resilient and more prone to wrinkles. Drinking more water (the recommended 8 cups a day) will also flush toxins out of your body faster, and many people report a more radiant glow with their increase of water intake.

2) Moisturize!
This one definitely seems like a no-brainer, especially since I have dry skin, but I often forgot to or skip out on moisturizing. The best time to use a moisturizer on your skin is roughly two minutes after getting out of the bath or shower, as your skin is more porous from the hot water and will therefore absorb better. Keeping your skin hydrated has been shown to help keep it from aging visibly, with the prevention of wrinkles.

3) Take it off! (Your makeup, that is)
I know I can’t be the only person that succumbs to the temptation of going to bed with their makeup on…right?! Even though I know it’s so bad for your skin to sleep with a full face of makeup, I have been known to do it on those occasional long nights out (ahem…long nights watching Netflix…). Sleeping with your makeup on clogs your pores and can leave you exposed to harmful free radicals that your skin collects from the environment during the day, which can lead to a breakdown of your natural collagen. If you wear a full face of makeup for the majority of the day, your skin needs to take a break and have time to breathe naturally and repair itself from any damage. Even leaving just your eye makeup on can lead to eye irritation and can heighten your risk of eye infection. Let’s let our skin have some beauty rest while we have ours, and properly cleanse our skin at night, shall we?

4) Sunscreen
UV rays are bad, horrid, awful things. Or at least, that’s what everyone has been telling me. The sun can age your skin rapidly if you spend too much time exposed to it, so protect yourself with sunscreen or some form of SPF. During the winter, I tend to stick to a foundation with an SPF, as the UV rays this far north aren’t too harsh, but come spring all the way into early fall I always put a layer of sunscreen underneath my makeup and onto my neck and chest. Even though I don’t tan easily, I fear the leather skinned look I have seen one too many sunbathers sport.

5) Try more natural products
Nature has a lot to offer us, especially when it comes to taking care of our skin, so I plan on exploring its vast potential. Rose, sandalwood, witch hazel and bergamot essential oils are all meant to repair and hydrate your skin, so why not start by mixing a few drops into water and using it as a hydrating spritzer?


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