How To Get Pumped Up For The Gym


Merry Christmas to everyone! Now that January 1st is around the corner everyone is starting to make their New Years resolutions. One of the more popular resolutions is “I’m gonna get really healthy and go to the gym all the time!” So before the new year begins, decide what you are going to change and actually WRITE IT DOWN!! It helps to have your resolutions written out because then it makes them real. So here are a few tips if your NY resolution is to hit the gym more often.

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day at the office is work out (unless you’re a superhuman). There’s nothing wrong with taking a couple days off to veg out on the couch till bedtime, BUT you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing it everyday. Getting to the gym 3-4 times a week improves your physical and mental health, so its pretty important you get yourself motivated!

Plan to go the day before.
Plan to go to the gym the day before you go. Pack your bag with your gym clothes, a water bottle, running shoes and your headphones. That way when you decide its time to go, you won’t have to take time packing your stuff and you’ll get out of the house faster.


Have Breakfast.
Starting your day with a healthy meal is the first thing you can do to get your body ready for the gym (besides having a good sleep). Skipping breakfast or having something unhealthy will make you tired later in the day and make it harder for you to workout.


Follow Fitness Accounts.
Follow fitness accounts on instagram to keep you motivated throughout your workday. The best accounts are the ones that give you tips on what to eat and how to workout.

Track Your Eating.
Track what you’re eating by writing it down or with an app. When your office has a lot of snacks lying around, you can start binge eating without even realizing it. Get an app that helps you track your weight and measurements, that way you will realize when you’re over doing it. Every time you lose an inch or a pound, you will be much more motivated to hit the gym. The app “My Fitness Pal” is a great one to use.


Go With A Friend.
Befriend someone at the office that goes to the same gym as you. It’s a lot easier to get to the gym when you’re working out with a friend. You will also feel a lot worse missing out on your workout when your friend is counting on you to be there!


Switch It Up.
Switch up your gym routine every time you go. Don’t spend an hour on the treadmill 4 times a week because you will get VERY bored. Instead, start doing free weights and weight machines to tone your body. Cardio mixed with weights is the best combination for your body.

Update Your Music.
Another thing you shouldn’t be doing is listening to the same songs over and over again. Get new songs that will pump you up whether during your cardio or your weight lifting sessions. If you listen to the same song so many times you will get sick of it. And how can you run fast to a song you’re sick of!?

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Dream About Your Dessert.
Lastly, plan a snack for later that night that you can start daydreaming about. However, you can only let yourself have that snack if you go to the gym that day.


Good luck 🙂





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