Gym Essentials

Having all of the equipment you need to go to the gym will actually make you a lot more inclined (even excited) to go. If you’re new to the gym, make sure you have all of the necessities to make you successful and comfortable during your workout.

Gym bag

First of all, you need something to hold everything. Gym bags can be annoying because they’re big and bulky and you don’t want to bring them to work or school. This one, however, looks almost like a Birkin bag AND holds all your gym stuff! To purchase this bag, go to


A lock

Might seem pretty obvious, but a lot of people either forget to bring their locks, or don’t bring one at all. You should never leave your belongings in an unlocked locker – it is NOT safe in there.

Face wipes

Going to the gym after work is usually the most convenient for everyone. This means that you’re still wearing all your makeup! Sweating and makeup do not go well together, so make sure you use a face wipe to take it all of before you begin your workout.


A hair scrunchy

If you’re going to the gym a few times a week, you don’t want to keep tying your hair into tight pony tails with harsh elastics. A scrunchy isn’t hard on your hair, so you can tie it up as many times as you want.

2 pairs of capri leggings

Most women train in capri leggings, which we find to be the most comfortable. I recommend having 2 good pairs so that you can alternate between the two whenever you work out. Having one pair isn’t enough – you’ll find yourself wearing them again and again before they’ve been washed.

Sports bras

Do not wear a normal bra to the gym, it will hurt when you run and it will hurt when you lie on your back. Invest in a couple of sports bras, they’re supportive and come in great colours!


Reusable water bottle

Not only is it saving the environment to not use plastic water bottles, but its also going to save you a lot of money at the gym. When you buy a water bottle every time you go to the gym, it will add up in cost. Having one that you either keep in your gym locker or in your gym bag will save you the bucks.

Foam roller

If your gym doesn’t provide you with foam rollers, it might be something to invest in. Rolling out your legs and back on a foam roller can prevent A LOT of pain from occurring the next day.


Running shoes – actually for running

No, not all “running shoes” are actually good for running at the gym! You might think since they’re Nike or Addidas shoes, that they’re fine for training, but in reality, they’re not. When you go to the store to buy shoes, tell the sales associate exactly what you do at the gym so that they can show you the perfect pair for you. Once again, this is also a great time to get some colour into your outfit – don’t go for the black and white shoes!


Whether its music you want to listen to or TV you want to watch, having headphones and getting distracted makes your workout go by faster.


After using the machines, weights or equipment at the gym, you need to make sure to wash your hands. Bringing purel with you is a safe way to ensure you stay clean.

Shower shoes and shower products

If you plan on taking a shower after your workout, don’t forget to bring everything you need, including a pair of flip flops. Additionally, bring everything you will need post your shower – including makeup, a blow drier, fresh underwear, etc.


Eating directly after your workout is a great idea because your metabolism is working at its fastest. Bring a few almonds or a protein bar to snack on.






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