5 Anniversary Or Valentines Day Presents

Deciding on a romantic gift is always challenging; you don’t want to get something too expensive, but you also want to make sure your present is meaningful. Instead of going out to the mall and buying your boyfriend a watch, you can make something from the heart that shows your love and gratitude to them with only a couple of supplies!

1) For your one-year anniversary. Grab a deck of cards and write one reason you love them on every card, adding up to the 52 weeks in a year. Writing anything you can think of, whether funny or cute. Hole-punch the deck of cards in two spots and add binder rings to them.

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2) For your one-year anniversary. Another similar idea (if you are willing to put in the time and effort) is to write a reason you love them for ALL 365 days of the year. All you do is grab a few pieces of paper, and start writing. You can decorate the paper with pencil crayons, pictures of the two of you, or whatever you want!

Or, you can cut them all into little fortune cookie like papers and stuff them in a jar!

Warning: this does take a lot of time, so start now!

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3) For Valentine’s Day. If you guys are big travellers, buy a scratch map for him to hang in his room with all of the places you’ve already been together pre-scratched. Then, every time you go somewhere together you can continue scratching them off. This won’t cost you a lot of money and it is still very personalized!

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4) For Valentine’s Day. If you and your man have a list of songs that you constantly listen to together then this is a great gift. You can either make it yourself, or if you aren’t artsy enough, buy it on It’s called the Personalized Playlist Cassette Print and includes 16 pictures of cassettes with the names of the songs you love. If you decide to buy it online, it will take a couple of weeks to get to your house (it’s from England), but it’s worth it!

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5) For Valentine’s Day. Take about 30-50 cue cards and write any sort of memory on them. The memories can be about something funny, romantic, or completely random. Hole punch the top of every cue card and then tie a string through all of them to tie a knot.

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