Must Follow Beauty Vloggers

Beauty has taken over a whole new corner of the internet, providing women and young girls tutorials on the hottest looks and reviewing the newest products via YouTube videos. I’m not going to lie, I would probably still be years behind in my makeup artistry skills without YouTube, and there’s nothing like watching a full face tutorial from start to finish from your bed. We’ve curated a list of our favourite beauty gurus from around the web to help one-up your skills!

1) Nicole Guerriero 

We’re obsessed with Nicole’s videos, which range from full face looks, to specific tutorials on brows, contouring and lashes, hair tutorials, hauls and reviews. With 327 videos, there’s guaranteed to be a look for any occasion. Here’s one of her newest (and our personal favourite tutorials):

2) Beauty Crush

Sam, the loveliest British beauty guru you’ll ever come across, creates video content around makeup tutorials, hauls and lookbooks. We can’t even list off all the things that make her one of the coolest girls ever, but I think tattoos, a french bulldog and wicked style will cover it for the most part. Here’s one of her latest Get Ready With Me videos:

3) Claire Marshall

I’m not going to lie, if I had to pick only one beauty guru to watch for the rest of forever, it’d be Claire Marshall. You know that effortlessly cool and stylish vibe that many of us strive for? Yeah, she’s got it. And she rocks it like no other. Lookbooks, makeup tutorials, hauls, monthly favourites and lifestyle vlogs are just some of what you’ll find on this babe’s channel.

4) DulceCandy87

Dulce has been on the YouTube beauty scene for longer than most, and has an insanely huge library of beauty related videos (696 videos, to be exact). Her makeup artistry skills are also stronger than your average guru which translate into stunning looks for every event. Check her out here:

These are just a few of our top beauty ladies, who are your favourites?





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