Summer Ponytails

On one of those impossibly hot summer days, there’s nothing more appealing than throwing your hair up into a top knot or ponytail to get it off your neck. Why not take your ponytail to the next level? Instead of using a ponytail as a last minute hairstyle of heat desperation, start your

1) Purposely Messy Ponytail
Add an effortlessly cool vibe and edge to your look with a messy ponytail! This look is totally outdoor friendly too which is an added bonus, because any wind or ocean air will just add to the effortless masterpiece. Add some dry shampoo or a teasing comb to add some volume prior to putting your hair up.
ponytail12) Ponytail + a Bow
There are very few things that I can think of that are cuter than bows, so why not add them to your summer ponytail? These super cute accessories affordable, come in every colour under the rainbow and are even DIY-able! Tie a ribbon around your pony for the classic look or pop a barrette bow right above it.



3) Ponytail + Braids
There are so many adorable ways to incorporate a french or regular braid into your hairstyle before the hair gets swept up into a ponytail. We know this to be true just based on the fact that there are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to ponytails and braids! Try a braided crown around the front of your head or a side braid that goes into the ponytail. Get creative with this and make sure to send us pics!


4) Sleek Ponytail
This hairstyle might not be the beach friendliest, but we promise it’ll give any formal outfit an elegant and finished look. Make sure to use some light hold hairspray to keep your fly-aways tamed and an optional added touch is to add a hairband cuff for some extra glamour.
ponytail4Let us know how you stay cool and style your hair for the hot summer months!

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